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Uncover Uniques Experiences with Banyan Tree


Uncover Unique Experiences with Banyan Tree

Make memories with us that will last a lifetime.

No matter what experience you have with us, it is always built on a foundation of authenticity and sustainability. Whether it's in the way we design exceptional meeting spaces, help you celebrate the most important occasion of your life, or source ingredients for our culinary offerings, we believe in creating a sense of place, while at the same time taking care of people and planet.

Meetings and Events

Meetings & Events

Forge meaningful connections through extraordinary events. Whether it's private client meetings, or or large-scale conventions, our elegant meeting rooms and grand ballrooms will elevate your functions with Banyan Tree's signature style and service.



From traditional local restaurants to exceptional beachside dining, indulge in an array of authentic global flavours infused with an imaginative touch when you dine at our destinations across the globe.

Wedding and Honeymoons

Weddings & Honeymoons

Bring together magic and romance on the most important day of your life, when you celebrate with us at our breathtaking locations.



Live and work from our properties around the world, with our innovative long-term stay pass, Habitat. With simple and flexible system in place, live each day on your own terms, at your chosen space and time.

Find Genuine Connection to Incredible Destinations

Go stargazing in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, trekking through a national park in Vietnam, or exploring ancient villages in China. Embark on a journey like no other with our themed experiences, to make memories with loved ones that will last a lifetime.

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Banyan Tree Experiences - Activities


Adventure beckons at each destination. Discover a captivating array of local activities to fill your travel schedule.

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Banyan Tree Experiences - Attractions


Wander through ancient ruins or revel in the lively bustle of night markets as you explore the unique sights that each of our destinations has to offer.

Banyan Tree Experiences - Cultural

Cultural Immersions

Join in a local dance, learn martial arts or discover the history of a people in these experiences that emphasise the rich traditions and heritage of each destination.

Banyan Tree Experiences - Itineraries

Curated Itineraries

Itineraries to intrigue and inspire you as you plan a meaningful holiday.

Banyan Tree Experiences - Yoga

Experiences at Banyan Tree

Our destination resorts are doorways to new experiences. Explore handicraft workshops, culinary lessons, yoga and other offerings within the comfort of our sanctuaries.

Banyan Tree Experiences - Family

Family Retreats

Let your loved ones share in the wonders of travel with memorable experiences and activities for all ages.

Banyan Tree Experiences - Festivals


For a truly immersive trip, arrive during festive seasons and soak in the atmosphere.

Banyan Tree Experiences - Flavours

Flavours of the Earth

Savour the unique flavours of each region through our culinary journeys, and embark on our thoughtfully-crafted Destination Dining experiences that reinvent what a meal can be.

Banyan Tree Experiences - Blue

Into the Blue

Take a lazy cruise down a river, spend a day snorkelling around coral reefs, or dive into the mysterious depths of underwater caverns.

Banyan Tree Experiences - Romance

Romantic Getaways

Escape together into an intimate realm of romance full of precious moments to share.

Banyan Tree Experiences - Nature

Treasures of Nature

Deep in forested mountains or by the rush of a hidden waterfall, rediscover awe within the magnificent embrace of the natural world.

Banyan Tree Experiences - Tours

Treks and Tours

Venture into the heart of foreign lands on foot, bike, boat, horse and more – whether as part of a group or on a solo journey of discovery.